Some of the sailors


one of the original RC sailors, sails either a single sail Wee nip or a two sail Weenip depending on conditions. Cal sails the two sail boat so efficiently that he often gets handed a 120 sec handicap.


another old stalwart of RC sailing, also sails either a single sail or two sail boat, softly spoken but a hardy sailor. Ian is the guy to see for spare servos, batteries or chargers.


not to be confused with Jimmy, Jimbo sails a boat called AUSTRALIA and if leading towards the finish can often be heard saying "Kick in Australia". Jimbo doesn't have good eyesight so he is often forgiven for rounding a bouy on the wrong side.


a very skilled sailor who has the ability to pick the wind shifts and drive his boat to the finish when others are left floundering. A light wind specialist to be respected.


an import from Victoria who comes to Bribie every year during the cooler months and is a very keen competitor,.usually the first to arrive. He is often seen talking sailing tactics or looking at boat improvements during a break.


a newbie at RC sailing who was introduced to the sport by Jimbo and loves the sailing experience without getting wet or sunburnt. He has taken the role of starter and handicapper so should not be crossed on the course.


is considered an old sage when it comes to RC sailing and is usually the most consistent on the race course. He has built many of the boats that are sailing today. Wally is guy to see for tips to get your boat going faster.


proves that remote control sailing can be enjoyed by anyone. Rob rolls up in his wheelchair most Wednesdays and if not in the major placings enjoys sailing his boat (into.another, tee hee!)


Hails from Central Coast NSW where apparently sailing of the Wee Nips is so big that numbers are restricted due to popularity. Bill sails either a Wee Nip 1 or 2 depending on conditions, also has so many boats that now has some for sale, see For Sale tab.