The boats

We primarily sail the Wee Nip design with a single sail, the design apparently being from the UK with kits and plans for building available from

or another site which is Australian is

which have last cut plywood kits available for $58 plus postage.

We are also now sailing the amazing Dragon Force DF 65 which is available from Hobby Warehouse for $196 Inc controller and receiver a good match for speed for the Weenip.

The remote controls two main movements on the boat through 2 servo motors, the rudder movement and the sail trim.

The sailor experiences sailing as if on the water with the boat going up to the wind during a lift and heeling over in strong winds. Capsize is hardly possible due the weighted keel bringing the boat back up after a knock down.

Some sailors move the mast back about 1cm and add a jib for more speed, although the single sail boat can sometimes be quicker on certain wind angles.