Boats for sale

Wee Nip 1s

These are sample photos of boats since sold BUT WE NOW HAVE 2 of Weenip 1 for sale

No 1 includes receiver, controller and batteries

No 2 includes receiver, need to buy controller

Price is reasonable and to find out more contact Wally on 3410 1192

Wee Nip 2s

Yellow boat is ply hull /ply deck, mainsail and jib, servos and receiver. Includes remote controller. $120 Contact Bob on Mob 0416294996

Black boat is carbon fibre hull /ply deck, mainsail and jib, servo is stronger amp and receiver. SOLD

Triumph off the shelf boat

Boat is full fibreglass, mainsail and jib, servos and receiver, also INCLUDES remote controller. Light boat that could be sailed against Wee Nip 2 competitively in light winds.

Sell for only $100, contact Bill on 0407739865